Permanent Internet tax ban?

Could this actually happen? The 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act will expire at the end of 2007. U.S. Representative John Campbell (R-California) is now proposing to an amendment that will extend that Act indefinitely.

“I oppose taxes on Internet use, period – from federal, state or any other government,” said Campbell. “I think this bill symbolically says that we, the federal government, don’t believe that anyone should be taxing the Internet.”

We at LUX agree with this in its totality. The point is, the economy would not have been able to deal with the latest issues if it wasn’t for Internet sales. Online purchasing is on its way up because it’s more convenient and if you’re willing to wait, it’s just plain cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores. Don’t ban innovation, embrace it, especially when it encourages keep our economy in check.
Via ExtremeTech