Paypal Mobile

Paypal Mobile is now live. PCSIntel has a quick tutorial on how to use it:

The internet is abuzz over the launch this morning of PayPal Mobile. But, before you start texting PAYPAL (729725) with numbers and dollars, you first need to go to the PayPal Mobile web site. There, you can confirm your mobile phone number, create a mobile PIN, and read instructions on how to send money.
To send someone money once you have activated PayPal Mobile, send a text message to 729725 with the phone number and then the dollar amount (for example “send 5 to 8882114727”). You can also call 1-8004PAYPAL to avoid text messaging fees.

Brilliant. Except now we have to worry about someone stealing our money from our phone now too. Still, a useful service to eBay on the go.
Via PCSIntel