Pay off too much of your credit card debt? Raise a flag with DHS

This is getting ridiculous. A Providence Journal article named a couple that paid off “too much” on their credit card over their monthly payment. Due to this “overpayment”, it triggered bells and whistles to have a hold placed on the money until it was validated by Department of Homeland Security.
Now everyone understands that if you make a call to a suspected terrorists’ phone, or visit that person, or what not. But pay off your credit card debt? Understandably, the money shouldn’t be linked to terrorist organizations, but how does paying off debt have anything to do with terrorist activities? If anything, it would be the purchases by the credit card itself. What’s even more scary, is that anyone that wins the lottery, or at a casino, and then looks to pay off their car loan or mortgage. Look out! You might be throwing off red flags with DHS.