Internet Non-Discrimination Act 2006

Oregon senator, Ron Wyden, is introducing a legislation that will stop the telcos from doing they’ve been lobbying for the past year: charge Internet firms extra for bandwidth. And we’re all for this. Why? Internet firms ALREADY PAY FOR BANDWIDTH. I still don’t understand where these management teams come from when they think Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, etc. get “free” bandwidth. You have to connect into the Internet somewhere, somehow, which is money for the telco. Sure, you don’t get anything for reverse traffic but that’s the cost of doing business. As a taxpayer, I pay for roads I don’t use. Similarly, when we pay for one telco service, it still goes into maintaining the connections of others indirectly.
Whether you like it or not, “DOUBLE DIPPING” is not cool. We of LUX stand behind the Internet Non-Discrimination Act, and we welcome others to join us in the same.
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