Google ordered to give websites not search results

Google wins out for the privacy of its users as the appeals judge allowed the government to push forward the subpoena (reduced) of 50,000 URLs found by Google’s crawlers. However, the search results done by users was denied by the judge since that part held the privacy considerations.

n his decision, Judge Ware wrote of the “three vital interests” that needed to be weighed in the case: national interest, proprietary business information and privacy concerns.
“This Court is particularly concerned any time enforcement of a subpoena imposes an economic burden on a non-party,” he wrote in a filing made at the close of business of Friday.

I personally am happy that the court didn’t fall to the whims of the government and saw to protect privacy rights of users. Google in the end fought and won out by having to give very little to the government while Yahoo and MSN lost by complying fully with the same governmental requests. Google is definitely trying to protect its #1 spot by any means necessary including lawsuits, but it still currently falls in line with the “Do no evil.” motto. Now if only we could have them fight for uncensored searching in the .cn domain.
Via Reuters