FCC Chief sides with telcos with tiered Internet

Internet as we know it will soon be dead. Why? Telcos are salivating over the prospect of financing their businesses by charging traffic sites such as Google and Yahoo, a “premium” to get the network across. FCC Chief Kevin Martin agrees with this…. wait a second. AGREES?
What’s even more amusing is that he claimed that FCC will enforce net neutrality. Okay, obviously this guy is being bought off in some shape or form by the telcos via lobbyists but what’s funny is how he claims net neutrality after agreeing with the above. Let’s go through a few points to make certain people can understand some “basic logic” that you can get in any mathematics or philsophy course:

  1. You can’t have neutrality with a tiered system. The peasants are still lower than the nobles. The coach seats are still lower than the first class. Come on. You have to be dense to think there’s neutrality there.
  2. The Internet isn’t just for the United States. Sure we created it, but we also let out the beast. You can’t reel it back in now that you find political motivations and funding. Sorry, but that’s what we learned at a very young age by the term of “indian-giving” (no offense to Native Americans but that’s the term we learned as youngsters).
  3. You can bet your life that Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and the rest will band together and fight it tooth and nail and draw it out in over legal battles. This isn’t over yet, and do you really want to waste taxpayer money fighting such a battle? It’s already horrendous to take on Microsoft in a anti-trust suit. Taking on the Internet’s biggest and baddest is the worst thing you can do for not only stifling innovation but “they haven’t done anything that wasn’t there before!”
  4. Speaking of innovation, any small corporation will be out of business. If you can’t afford to play on the Internet with the big boys, how are we supposed to promote jobs and our “math and science” 1337 5|<1LLZ (hackerspeak for elite skills) with Bush's new push for our children?
  5. With the current drive to “stop China” in its tracks, this will drive all Internet related businesses to China, as they are the next biggest and baddest on the Internet. Either that or it’ll be with the Swedes. Nonetheless, the Internet will fold when it comes to the United States.

We truly don’t think that people think this through when they’re making decisions on industries that obviously they have no clue about and never did before. We’re looking to the FCC for “neutrality” and all we find is corrupt politics. It’s just unfortunate that the Internet life will soon be at a crossroads again for a “do or die” scenario in part due to attitudes such as these at the FCC.
Via NetworkingPipeline