FBI can’t even fund email, yet they carry Blackberry devices?

Amusing. The FBI in an effort to cut costs, have dropped email for some of the field agents. Apparently, it’s just too expensive to carry a .gov account. Here’s what gets me:

Mershon, the assistant director in charge of the agency’s New York City office, also said that 100 city agents have been given Internet-ready phones such as BlackBerry devices.

Wait, you don’t have enough money to fund an email account but you can pay for a hundred city agents to have Internet-ready phones such as a Blackberry? Did we miss something? A Blackberry costs more than a regular cellular plan due to the fact that you’re paying for email/Internet connections. So say that the government gets a discount, a person is probably running about $50 per month with a Blackberry. An email however costs around $14.95 a month for a VERY EXPENSIVE consumer based dial-up account. A .gov account wouldn’t cost more than $30 per person per month and that’s assuming total rip-off inflation rates. And that’s with over-estimation.
So you’re telling me that you can’t afford email? Give us a break, the math doesn’t add up. Either that or the management seriously flunked addition/subtraction back in elementary school. Oh wait, it’s the government, basic logic principles do not apply!