Confusion about Time Warner Media sales

Have you seen this commercial on Time Warner cable lately? It’s of some little girls selling lemonade for twenty five cents. They look bored out of their minds and obviously there isn’t any business since they drop their price down to a dime. But here’s the catch. The screen flashes something like: “Tired of your potential customers not noticing you?”
Then a voice says: “Time Warner Media Sales…” blah blah blah. “Dynamic and Unforgettable“. Now let’s ponder a second here. Here is a really shoddy commercial being done, and it’s by Time Warner Media Sales. And they’re trying to sell the fact that they’re dynamic and unforgettable? Man. I must be in the wrong business. I thought that quality and “wow’ing” the customer was supposed to be part of sales pitches. Maybe they should put a bit more work into a commercial that sells themselves.
Then again, I suppose some people just settle.