AT&T eyes BellSouth for $67 billion

..and we’re wondering, what ever happened to that anti-trust lawsuit 22 years ago that broke up Ma Bell? It seems that no one cares anymore that there the monopoly is being formed again. The more corporations that merge, the less they care about the consumers since there is less competition. Need we mention the whole metered bandwidth screaming conversation by the Bells? And those of you that have experienced BellSouth high pricing would know that they really don’t exactly care about the consumers already.
Around the country, there are those that are eyeing this merger with a lot of caution, such as Dan Gillmor, TDavid, Om Malik, Jeff Jarvis/a>, and other great minds of the Internet.
What to do? You could go and complain to your Congressperson. In fact, a little noise is better than no noise at all. But don’t be surprised if there your screaming and moaning falls on deaf ears. It seems that the government has been seduced by the corporations to tango.