Your company’s biggest enemy

Christopher Diggins writes an amazingly bare-bones truth when it comes to technology-based corporations. “I think the biggest enemy of an IT company is the human resources department.” I can one-up this one with your management team also falls into place with this exact problem.
This is one of the most crucial steps in hiring the right types of people for your corporation. If you leave it to human resources, experience means nothing, as do technical details. For example: Why would a HR person know anything about databases? They would probably end up knowing about as much as Dilbert’s manager.
In my best experiences, the managers that do the best as well as the human resource personnel all came from them actually putting forth the effort to learn about the people and products that they would be indirectly dealing with. This made them extraordinary people to worth with and able to find the best fits for everyone to every department. Unfortunately, these people are few and far between.
Easiest way around this? Involve whomever is the lead in the department where the new recruit will eventually be placed. To avoid disasters, do the right thing and involve the right people.
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