Uninformed Canadian university president bans WiFi

Another case of an uninformed person making idiotic decisions for the rest of humanity. The president of Lakehead University, Fred Gilbert has said:

“All I’m saying is while the jury’s out on this one, I’m not going to put in place what is potential chronic exposure for our students,” he said. “Admittedly that’s highest around the locations of the antenna sites and the wireless hotspots, but those are the places people tend to gravitate to because they get the best reception.”

Gee. While you’re at it, why don’t you ban any part 15 device? That would include televisions, microwaves, cordless phones, 2-way radios, wireless keyboards, wireless mice,… I mean if you’re really concerned about “health concerns” every single one of those items, along with a few not so obvious ones should also be banned. Truthfully, if you really want get down to health concerns, a cell phone tower alone pumps way more “radio waves” into you than any of those combined. I don’t see Mr. Gilbert giving up his cell phone just yet, do you?
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