UK’s NTL getting ready for 100Mb trials

UK’s NTL is getting ready to start their 100Mb trials. This is far from what the US has to offer, since UK’s Telewest can provide 10Mb for ~$61USD per month. If they can pull this off, this will only further the demise of US based carriers whom currently have the most expensive per consumer based broadband in the world.
Let’s do a quick comparison in USD:
US based cable service: $50 per 6Mb
US based ADSL service: $30 per 1.5Mb
US based ADSL service: $45 per 6Mb
UK based cable service: $60 per 10Mb
JP based ADSL service: $35 per 50Mb
The world is pulling away from US based Internet provisions while US based broadband corporations keep lobbying the government for more control and more funding to line their pockets while screwing the consumers. This geek totally understands if you can’t provide 100Mb for $50 in the rural areas, but in the metro areas? Come on.
Via TheRegister