PocketPC 2003 PDA browser shootout

A quick side by side comparison of current PDA browsers for Windows Mobile:
Test environment
software: PocketPC 2003
hardware: Toshiba e355, iPaq 5455
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is past its time here. No way to download a new version, and the PDAs that I tested on could not load any flash websites or would bomb out with usual sites. Microsoft.com looked just didn’t look the same. Load time: 1-2 seconds.
Mozilla Minimo 0.13
Mozilla has never disappointed with their Firefox product for the desktop. But for the PDA? Tabs are one of the big “selling” keys. The one disappointment is that the load time is extremely long and the browser lags under pressure. Not exactly something I want to hear from the dainty little PDA processor versus your desktop. Mozilla must be rolling in the bank if they can provide the Minimo team with faster processors than the tiny ones in my arsenal. Load time: 15-25 seconds
Opera 8.50 Mobile Beta (1616)
Opera has never really keyed in with me on the desktop end. But from a mobile perspective, I have all the respect for this corporation. The load time is very minimal and it has by far the most features of a portable browser. Loading of pages were about as quick as IE, but the browser succeeded in wowing in every feature, from new windows, to the ability to resize images. Load time: 1-2 seconds
Overall: I find that while Opera is definitely the shootout winner, Mozilla still comes in second due to the inability for IE to be upgraded. If Microsoft had a way to upgrade the same way you could with desktops, IE would probably win out over Mozilla based on load time. Opera has all the requirements for a portable browser to be used functionally like a desktop browser, but still function under the stress of the tiny PDA processor. If you’re going to be using your PDA/phone for any type of surfing, lay down some of the money for Opera after you’ve test-driven the browser. You won’t regret it.