PCSIntel served with DMCA violation notice (resolved)

Sprint Nextel Corporation has served PCSIntel with a DMCA violation notice. What’s most amusing is that by doing so, they have pretty much hurt their own business. Why is this?
PCSIntel served as an information source about news, new phones, and technology updates about Sprint Nextel, Verizon, and many other carriers. This served as as great consumer site to know about what is good, bad, and the ugly about the site.
While we are unsure about the whole fiasco about alleged proprietary information being divulged off of PCSIntel, we do know that if you chase after the logo use by PCSIntel, then you better chase down EngadgetMobile, Engadget, and the rest of the world that uses that logo to depict Sprint. DMCA. Bah. It serves its purpose, and unless there was proprietary information here, this was definitely doing the consumer base a great disservice.
UPDATE (11:29PM): This was resolved and the DMCA notice was withdrawn.
Via PCSIntel