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Do we have police complaint forms?

Scary. If you watch the video of some South Florida police officers, apparently they are very aggressive to a very straight-forward question. “How do I fill out a complaint against a police officer?”
While this is not a national requirement, police chiefs nationally recommend to have a generic form to begin a paper trail in case there is any question to unauthorized authoritative behavior. This is proven by the investigative reporting on Police Station Intimidation by CBS News 4 in South Florida along with a police watchdog group, Police Complaint Center.
Watch the video. Be awed. The watch the follow-up. Would anyone in GPD be belligerent as this guy? I hope not, and from knowing some officers, GPD seems to have very-well behaved and trained. But the real question is….
“Do we have police complaint forms?” Or are we like the SFPD.
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AIDA32 has shut down the development, but it is still one of the best system information tools.

AIDA32 is a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program running on Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen, print it, or save it to file in various formats like HTML, CSV or XML. For corporate users, AIDA32 offers command-line switches, network audit and audit statistics, remote system information and network management.

For Windows.
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Dead Pixel Tester

Dead Pixel Tester does exactly what the name says…. it tests dead pixels. It’s actually written for the Windows OS and is performed on TFT panels. These are basically for any LCD monitors or laptop screens. Definitely worth a look to see if you can’t fix a few of those dead pixels.

Someone accessed 40 Palm Beach County voting machines in November 2004

You got to love weird things that happen in politics. Here is PROOF that voting machines were tampered with before the November 2nd election date for at least 40 Sequoia machines. Apparently of these 40 machines, there were votes on dates prior to the November 2nd date, but after the L&A (Logic & Accuracy) tests to show that the machines were okay.
Gee. Foul play afoot? Sounds like it.
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Newer video cards have all sorts of variables to tweak. PowerStrip does just that by setting and configuring the hardware support for a multitude of graphics cards. While this was written for newer cards, it seems to also work on a number of older manufacturers also.
If you’re a tweaker and you want the most out of your video card, this is the tool to do it with. For Windows.
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4G tests result in 2.5Gbps

NTT DoCoMo has just finished some 4G testing at a resounding 2.5Gbps. Unfortunately, you need no less than six MIMO antennas but this is a great improvement on the last test that resulted in 1Gbp throughput. It was a moving vehicle test, but at a whopping fast 12.5 mph, they might as well have been in a fixed location.
EngadgetMobile < Slashphone

PCSIntel served with DMCA violation notice (resolved)

Sprint Nextel Corporation has served PCSIntel with a DMCA violation notice. What’s most amusing is that by doing so, they have pretty much hurt their own business. Why is this?
PCSIntel served as an information source about news, new phones, and technology updates about Sprint Nextel, Verizon, and many other carriers. This served as as great consumer site to know about what is good, bad, and the ugly about the site.
While we are unsure about the whole fiasco about alleged proprietary information being divulged off of PCSIntel, we do know that if you chase after the logo use by PCSIntel, then you better chase down EngadgetMobile, Engadget, and the rest of the world that uses that logo to depict Sprint. DMCA. Bah. It serves its purpose, and unless there was proprietary information here, this was definitely doing the consumer base a great disservice.
UPDATE (11:29PM): This was resolved and the DMCA notice was withdrawn.
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Microsoft rumors: Origami Project?

What is this? origamiproject.com has been registered to Microsoft and they have a launch date of March 2nd, 2006. If you click the simple flash, it’s just a familiar spoked design that many have seen before.
What exactly is this? Could it be some new project that we haven’t heard about? Wait… could it be this?

The best example of this is easily the Origami Personal Communicator from chipmaker National Semiconductor. So named for the multitude of ways it can be folded, Origami is many products in one: a personal digital assistant (PDA) running Microsoft’s Windows XP, digital camera, portable Internet access device, smart mobile phone and an MP3 digital music player that supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless networking all crammed into a single package. Or rather it would be if it actually existed.

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Wozniak and Microsoft’s “Darth Vader” image

Steve Wozniak is one of the founders of the famous corporation, Apple. Yet he’s had little say in what goes on in the corporation currently and is off doing his own things like any other engineer. He doesn’t like how Microsoft has been tryin to shed the “Darth Vader” image but has nothing to show for it either. Microsoft has been bickering that they will be releasing product lines to rival the current digital music player holder, the iPod, but the Woz is concerned that Microsoft will create a weak product and try to use market dominance to force it upon consumers. What’s most amusing is this quote of his:

“I hope Microsoft improves and becomes more like Apple.”

Us too, Steve. Us too.
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Googlebot smarter and more “human-like”

Googlebot 2.0 is smarter than the average bear. In fact, instead of surfing the website completely like every other crawler currently, this one is now requesting css and js files just as a human being surfing the site would. This could inherently change the way things are looked at and which pages get priority depending on how deep a usual human being surfs.
Evolution of SEO and on the forefront is the giant Google. Ahh. Makes us weep in envy.
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