Multi-Touch Sensing through Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

Now this is a great technology frim NYU’s Media Research Lab. It’s basically detecting multiple points of contact on a touch screen and using a biometric method of detection. Basically, instead of one single point of contact like with your current tablets and PDAs, it would be multiple contacts like with your fingers.
Just watch the video.
Also, it has been pointed out that there are rumors of this being Apple’s new technology. While it could be possible that Apple is researching a similar methodology, I highly doubt that Apple is considering FTIR currently for tablets based on a couple reasons:

  • All applications must be recoded for multi-point entry.
  • multiple touch paths would be a power consumption nightmare.
  • Apple is fairly secretive of their new technologies. NYU’s FTIR research is out in the open with no mention of Apple backing.

Again, a great technology, but there doesn’t seem to be any Apple involvement. Perhaps Apple should take into account this little brilliant feature, but I wouldn’t count on seeing it commercially before the next two to five years.