MIT working on second-skin space suit

Second-skin space suits have been around in science fiction for ages. Yet, for the last couple decades, man has always gone into space in bulky ugly things. No longer. MIT’s MVL (Man Vehicle Laboratory) is working on designs for a second-skin space suit.

Liang notes that MIT research has already demonstrated that mechanically applied pressure successfully protects humans against exposure to a vacuum. The main challenge now is to ensure that such pressure can be maintained uniformly across the skin, a task that is particularly difficult around joints. Success will likely require advances in two promising areas: mastery of active materials such as “Shape Memory Polymers,” and exploitation of so-called “lines of non-extension” on the human body.

If we do create such a thing, watch out. Americans will be back in the whole space race thing. Thankfully, it’s not up to appointed personnel doing the research either.
Via Physorg