Kids and technology

Disclaimer: There is some bad/rude language in the comment, but it is a direct quote from the comments left here.
Sometimes you wonder what your kids are doing. Especially why the heck they would somehow come up on a post such as this one. Case and point here. I got recent comments on an old old post. If you read it, you’d think a ten or twelve year old wrote it. What’s most amusing is that I’ve known many a ten-twelve year olds that were way more mature than this.
So I did some digging:
In any case, every single comment originated from Telecommunications division? Linked to the government of Alberta? Hmm… gee. Talk about peeking my interest as to what user would be leaving such messages. I’m figured someone was bored with Solitaire or something.
Then the traceroute showed the magic:
19 ( 127.129 ms 120.844 ms 104.676 ms
20 ( 120.174 ms 155.124 ms 145.314 ms
21 * * *
Go figure. It actually was someone in the K-12. So I dropped a line to the IT staff to have them deal with it. It’s not many times that someone’s comments actually peeks my interest to go hunting, but today it was definitely an amusing day to say the least.
Now back to dealing with a killer OSCommerce site that has me pulling out my hair.
UPDATE (12:41PM EST): The Director of Technology Services wrote back. Nice fellow. Problem dealt with. To all little kids out there that like to type in caps and are homophobes… learn something about spoofing and come back in a few years when you’ve mastered it. Then I might be sort of impressed. Well, probably not, but it’ll definite be way more amusing to track if you catch me on one of those bemused days.