Jeff Jarvis on News: Shouldn’t the public own it?

This is amusing since I’ve brought this up before and I agree wholeheartedly. The digg site shows what the public is gauging and what type of news interests the audience. The only reason this wouldn’t work? If you’re a news buff for a certain niche market, this type of technology would fail miserably.

Jake showed them how the members can label a story “lame” and off it goes. He made it clear that Digg is owned by its public and that’s why it works. Shouldn’t all news organisations wish the public owned the news?

Digg only works when it is not part of the Long Tail. Period. And being such, if you’re interested in a particular subject that the usual masses does not (say, the genetic research of green peas) then blogs and other Long Tail news sources would be much better suited.
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