Government’s request from Google for search engine information “uninformed”

Google is now fighting the subpoena formally with the ACLU citing privacy rights of its users and trade secrets. Truthfully, they seem to be in the right on this one. Why? Their arguments are very sound. They are claiming that while the government wants to use the information (which consists of IPs and URL information) to fight child pornography, there is no way to prove the content of websites with that information. The government will not let Google know how that information is being used either to get to the conclusion that they wish. Thus, Google responds with:

“The very fact that the Government is so uninformed about the value of search and URL information and so dismissive of Google’s interest in protecting it speaks volumes about why the Court should protect Google from this compelled disclosure,” the company wrote.

My question here: Where’s the Global Internet Freedom Task Force in all of this? In everything I’ve pointed out before, they’re supposedly fighting for fundamental human rights, but one other of their decrees is to not let corporations act on such ridiculous demands from foreign governments. What about our own? Yahoo! and MSN have already bowed to the demands of the government, but Google makes very solid points that the government has not supported their fact finding.
Via MercuryNews