Global Internet Freedom Task Force is a joke

I find this absolutely amusing. The Global Internet Freedom Task Force is being launched by the State Department. This is a result of censorship in China … well, here’s the quote:

Earlier today, Secretary Condoleezza Rice announced the Global Internet Freedom Task Force in order to ensure “a robust US foreign policy response” to the international issues and fundamental human rights concerns inherent in the expansion of the Internet including: “the use of technology to restrict access to political content and the impact of censorship efforts on US companies; the use of technology to track and repress dissidents; and efforts to modify Internet governance structures in order to restrict the free flow of information…”

Is it just me, or do others find this absolutely amusing to the point of wanting to laugh at the ridiculousness of it? Here’s why.

We (ie. the government) are pissed because apparently the bloggers of the world have decided that Chinese censorship is terrible and that those corporations should follow some golden rule to not censor those in China. The fact is, when it comes to green, no corporation is following the golden book. It’s about profits, margins, and bottom lines. They will do what they can to do the ethically correct thing but when it comes to making money, you have to do what makes money. That’s how big corporations become big. I can definitely tell you that it’s not via ethics and morals (*cough* Enron and MCI scandals *cough*).
The second why this is absolutely hilarious. Did the State Department not get the memo? We’re already spying on our own people here. That added on to the latest Patriot Act amendment where you can search anyone’s email without a warrant on the relevance of “being related to terrorism.” Let’s see now, the Global Internet Freedom Task Force is supposed to… wait one second… “ensure fundamental human rights?”
As Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap would say: “Oh boy.”
The government in instituting such a group provides attention by the media to jump all over China for rights when it also downplays our own rights being taken away in the name of national security. The media and bloggers shouldn’t fall for this one. What about our own rights being abused?
The government really needs to get a grip on constitency. It seems all wishy-washy with one end fighting for “foreign policy” and human rights, and the other end spying on our own. Come on. And we the American people have to buy this? Move along and get other lackeys to do your dirty work for you.
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