Do we have police complaint forms?

Scary. If you watch the video of some South Florida police officers, apparently they are very aggressive to a very straight-forward question. “How do I fill out a complaint against a police officer?”
While this is not a national requirement, police chiefs nationally recommend to have a generic form to begin a paper trail in case there is any question to unauthorized authoritative behavior. This is proven by the investigative reporting on Police Station Intimidation by CBS News 4 in South Florida along with a police watchdog group, Police Complaint Center.
Watch the video. Be awed. The watch the follow-up. Would anyone in GPD be belligerent as this guy? I hope not, and from knowing some officers, GPD seems to have very-well behaved and trained. But the real question is….
“Do we have police complaint forms?” Or are we like the SFPD.
Via CBSNews4