Deustche Telekom joins the “not too bright” crowd vs. Google

Strangely enough, Deutche Telekom has joined the “not too bright” crowd against Google and the other major Internet firms. As quoted:

According to an interview in WirtschaftsWoche, Deutsche Telekom director assured that not only should users pay telecommunications companies for the access to the Internet, but also Web firms (he mentioned Google, Yahoo!, Amazon o eBay), since they use the infrastructures for their businesses.

Hello? They have to pay for their bandwidth somehow, and it does go through a telecommunications service at some point. Every corporation on the planet that does Internet business doesn’t own their own infrastructure. They have to connect their fiber into the tier-one pipes and that’s where they get charged. And as far as I know, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and every other Internet firm doesn’t own any of the tier-one infrastructure. Who does? Telecommunication giants such as the Bells and Deutche Telekom. The same that are complaining that these firms are “freeloading”.
WHY DOESN’T ANYONE UNDERSTAND THIS. Oh wait, we forgot. Dealing with management types again that know nothing about the technology they manage.
Via Dirson