ABC affiliate ignores gaming expert and tries to view Nintendo DS Pictochat as pedophile tool

This is where I find reporters don’t do their jobs. They already have a “story headline” and no matter what you tell them, they try to fit it into that headline. What the hell.
An ABC affiliate contacted GamerDad’s Alan Long on a piece about Nintendo DS’s Pictochat. Apparently they got wind that pedophiles could be contacting your child through their DS. While Mr. Long spent a good fifteen minutes explaining how this was a long shot in the dark due to certain constraints placed on the system, not to mention the DS doesn’t have ISP capabilities, the ABC affiliate still ran the story.
What’s the most amusing is that is a site for parents that want to share the gaming age with their children, but all the while being safe and knowledgeable about the games their children can play. Now why can’t they run a story on the moronic parents that buy Grand Theft Auto for their 12 year olds when the rating obviously states “Mature”? I suppose sex and violence sells, but paranoia about sex and violence sells even more.
Via GamerDad