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Newton librarian forces FBI to get warrant for computer seizure

The librarian tells the FBI that they can’t seize the computers without a warrant. Nine hours later, the agents produce a warrant for the computers as a matter of principle and take the computers even though they have determined that there was no immediate terrorist threat.
If it [the seizure] was so important, why didn’t they get a judge to sign a warrant to begin with? It was in fact 2:30ish in the afternoon at the moment they wished to make the initial seizure! tsk tsk. It’s amusing that while citizens must abide by the laws of the state, but should those that enforce the laws abide by them also? Perhaps there’s a dilemma here.
Via Boston.com

Cingular patents emoticons

Sometimes, I really don’t understand why people patent the things they do. Cingular has gone and patented:

The method and system described in the patent allows a user of a mobile phone (or other device) to select a displayable icon, such as an emoticon, that indicates the mood or emotion of the user or conveys other information independent of text. In some embodiments, the selected displayable icon is inserted into a text message or screen, such as an instant message, chat screen, or user text field.

US Patent US2006015812 is so amusing since there’s potentially way more prior art than ever possible not to mention that AOL already has a few patents regarding the emoticons.
I want to know what genius wasted company funds to apply for that patent. ^o^
Slashdot > CellularNews

Politicians finally on the blogging train

Politicians finally are seeing the light, albeit a little late in the game. Apparently Washington’s elected officials are finally coming around to the audience they can reach through blogging or guest blogging.
Hey… we have blogging politicians. And they’ve been at it for a while!
Slashdot > CNET

Do what you love!

One of my favorite authors, Paul Graham, has another great essay. How to Do What You Love.
Ahh… the man writes so well.
If anyone wants to read more of his essays, just go to his website or read his book, Hackers and Painters.
Via PaulGraham

Got bad slumlords? Wall of shame them on Trembicky

Apparently everyone deals with the whole slumlord bit no matter where you are. Bad landlords are everywhere and everyone hates people that put you in danger when you pay them money to keep a roof over your head. No longer do you have to sit quiet. Share on Trembicky!
Named for the landlord that screwed the founder of the site, it has become the home to complaints about all landlords everywhere.
BoingBoing < Trembicky

TorPark – Secure browsing from any connection

Tor (The Onion Router) was developed by the Navy back in 1996. It has since then been used in the open. What it does is basically sets up a configurable browser that connects to randomized servers through three layers. At each layer, it’s secured and then goes out to the actual target. This anonymizes the connection and allows the user to safely browse.
It’s definitely a worthwhile look since all you have to do is use a configurable browser such as Firefox and run Torpark with it. Run it off a USB key drive and you’ll have anonymous surfing at any open terminal connection!
Via TorPark

Big spanish publisher bullying for domain rights

This is what the world has come to these days.

I registered deusto.com in 1997. Now, eight years later, Planeta Agostini, one of the biggest publishing groups in Spain and owner of Ediciones Deusto, sends me letters via its lawyers demanding me to transfer them the domain, because they registered the trademark “deusto” in 2002 (I repeat, I registered the domain in 1997).

Eduardo didn’t register the domain because he was a squatter. It happens that Planeta Agostini just never jumped on the Internet bandwagon, but now is trying to bully Eduardo into giving up his domain rights. Unfortunately Eduardo doesn’t have any money to pay for a lawyer to fight the publishing giant. In the comments, it seems that he has contacted EFF but we’ll see what happens. The dispute is now in WIPO’s hands.
Via WolfB

Unattended Windows

Everyone at some point has reinstalled Windows before. And it SUCKS. All the question answering, all the waiting and wasting a weekend while the ever slowly ticking Microsoft 30 minutes install window takes around 2 hours. Well, now you don’t need to wait any longer.
This guide shows you exactly how to streamline the process by answering the questions ahead of time and include all of the latest patches and service packs in your CD. Just boot it up and go do something else while the CD takes care of all your annoying problems.
Via TheDefinitiveGuidetoUnattendedWindows

Final Fantasy XII Potions

FF-potion.jpg Square-Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy franchise, has teamed up with Suntory to provide softdrinks in the shape of the potions in Final Fantasy XII. I’m going to have to get some of those being a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise since FF1 (Japan).
AkihabaraNews < Suntory

Free Opera mini for cell phones

Opera, probably the undisputed leader in portable device browsers as well as one of the top browser providers, has released Opera Mini for free. It’s in Java so even your low-end phone/low-powered models can probably use it assuming the phone supports Java.
Just download it with a WAP capable phone, or take a look if your phone is supported here. And get down with the groovy music tracks on the Flash page!
Via OperaMini