Open letter to cellular providers

Working in the telecommunications industry, this is where I draw the line between industry advancement and consumer advocacy. Consumers are the ones that put the money in your deep pockets. Why management types can’t figure this out is beyond me.
With the latest craze of disabling phone features and creating fees for everything under the sun, not to mention having issues dealing with law enforcement, you have to wonder what’s going on with these people and how they can sleep at night.

What furthers the amusement is that they want to be the consumer’s best buddy only if you hand over your money. Yet you can’t download “unlimited” data even if you pay for an unlimited account and you’re throttled if you try. As a consumer, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Can large phone providers do anything about it? Not really. Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and the rest of them have all done their duties providing the consumer with wanted features and crazy interfaces that grab the user. In fact, the persons at fault when it comes to the consumer really falls on the service provider.
Couple of solutions could be set in place. First, unlimited data plan means “unlimited” data. No one would pay for an unlimited plan if it had the conditions of only 1G transfer or whatever the quota is currently. Believe me. NO ONE. Second, if the phone makers are providing a feature, it’s really not your place to disable those features. Yes, I know you want to charge for it and you feel really big in your britches for doing so. But think of all of the money you lose when technology watchdog groups find out. Think about consumer satisfaction like the way Apple does their product lines instead of the way some others handle theirs. Customer satisfaction has never been a strong suit for cellular providers, perhaps it’s time to change.
What’s funny is that they want everyone to buy the latest and greatest. This isn’t the way to market to your audience and you’ll be next to go the moment some other provider figures this out. Remember that while you have deep pockets, we’re the ones that line them with gold. I’m right there with you, when you exclaim, “Well, we have to make money on something!” But guess what, the geeks of the world aren’t buying it and most business types now have an ear to a geek at some point. Or you could just deal with the types like my mother who upgrade phones every five years and chooses the most basic plan since that’s all they need. But hey, it’s your call.