Logan airport going against Part 15

Logan’s Massport is breaking the law again (or still if you want to term it that way). They refuse to uphold the FCC pass on landlord having no rights to unlicensed spectrum even though this was already proven in court almost a year ago.

Massport attorney Christine M. Gill said the charges of a Massport WiFi monopoly ”may be great sloganeering” but misstate many key legal issues. Reiterating that public safety and prevention of interference are Massport’s concerns, Gill said that ”Congress has not granted the FCC the authority to preempt private lease restrictions on the siting of antennas used for fixed wireless signals.” Gill also said Continental and its allies have hung their arguments on a law that applies only to wireless video signals, not WiFi.

I’m no attorney, but I swear a judge supercedes any airport lease. You can’t go around throwing your weight around on unlicensed spectrum if YOU ALSO USE IT. That’s crap. Logan is getting banned from my list of places to fly from/to and I hope many travelers that don’t need to fly there will also boycott it. If PTIA tried that here locally… oh wait, they don’t even offer free WiFi.
Wireless video signals? Sheesh. Where do they get these stupid attorneys?
Via Boston.com