Hope for RIM: Congressmen trying to make patents worthless

There’s some hope for RIM now that some Congressmen are trying to fight to get NTP’s patents invalidated. Personally, this geek thinks that all Crackberries should be banned. And just because it’s self-serving, to invalidate NTP’s patents would be against everything that the Patent Office stands for. If this goes through, then there will no longer be any value in patenting.
Why? Well, obviously if you infringe on a patent but have Congressmen on standby, then the patent doesn’t count for anything. Then what’s the point of invention or innovation? Some political type can just come out and bash your patent and all your blood and sweat is down the tubes. RIM didn’t do their due diligence when it came to finding out if they infringed on a patent and so they’re paying for it.
And as far as the Crackberries are concerned…. they’re really not that great.
Via Slashdot