Congressman grilling Google on China involvement

This is total hypocrisy. Congressman Smith (R. – New Jersey) just went up on the list of people that doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Why? He’s grilling Google on the fact that they’re censoring speech in China. Why is this hypocrisy?

The hearing will also include testimony from Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco and senior State Department officials who advise on China.

Yahoo, Microsoft, and Cisco? Every single one of those companies have done the EXACT same thing. Censorship of free speech. Gee… can you say someone’s getting paid off to hack at Google? Oh yeah. I’d love to trace those connections with the latest Abramhoff scandal.
Sometimes, I love it when people don’t know about what they’re talking about. The more fun highlight the stupidity.
Via FinancialTimes