Chumbawumba on CD DRMs and why they’re bad

Chumbawumba has posted a great editorial on why they don’t use DRM on their CDs and why P2P networks are the equivalent of radio play during the 1970s.

Early US records (eg Brunswick Records, who released, among others, Robert Johnson) had “Not for play on Radio” stamped on them, for fear that radio play might harm Sheet Music sales. Later, in the 1970’s, the Record Business claimed “Home taping is killing music”. Don’t make me laugh – home taping was a fantastic, free way of promoting records, just as Radio play (and P2P file-sharing) is.

That’s a great way to draw the parallels. It’s strange that every new technology dictates people that are fearful of embracing the new technology. What really gets me is the message that the band left their piece on:

Commercial Piracy is one thing (and copy-protection won’t stop it), but buying a CD only to find it won’t play on your PC is just such a piss-off, it’s enough to drive you to P2P downloading.

Amen to that.
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