Big spanish publisher bullying for domain rights

This is what the world has come to these days.

I registered in 1997. Now, eight years later, Planeta Agostini, one of the biggest publishing groups in Spain and owner of Ediciones Deusto, sends me letters via its lawyers demanding me to transfer them the domain, because they registered the trademark “deusto” in 2002 (I repeat, I registered the domain in 1997).

Eduardo didn’t register the domain because he was a squatter. It happens that Planeta Agostini just never jumped on the Internet bandwagon, but now is trying to bully Eduardo into giving up his domain rights. Unfortunately Eduardo doesn’t have any money to pay for a lawyer to fight the publishing giant. In the comments, it seems that he has contacted EFF but we’ll see what happens. The dispute is now in WIPO’s hands.
Via WolfB