Texas starts high speed over powerlines

Texas is starting to use BPL (broadband over powerilne). This personally is a major annoyance by big energy corporations. Reason they’re jumping in on the bandwagon of ISPs? Internet provision includes a vast market of phone service, Internet service, and eventually multimedia services. Big energy wants their share.
According to the “experts,” the kinks have been flushed out. And I wonder who’s paying them? Reasoning goes like this:
Powerlines emit RF (radio waves) when you transmit data across it. This is because these were never meant to transmit data streams and thereby were not shielded. So anywhere there is a powerline that transmits high-energy bursts will emit large amounts of RF that you cannot block. You can’t even filter on the ends of the lines to make it stop, it’s a property of the wire itself. My question is… is big energy going around shielding all of their high voltage lines?
HECK NO. So how have they solved the RF emissions? Yeah. We knew you’d put it together.
Via Cnet