PriceRitePhoto: Apology letter to Thomas Hawk

It looks like Thomas Hawk got an apology letter from Ed Lopez, the CEO of This is exactly how I feel about shady businesses on the Internet:

I cannot speak to the sincerity of Ed Lopez. He has sent me an apology letter and I feel it appropriate to print it. His motivation very well may be legitimate — or it could also be the only possible avenue Mr. Lopez has left to try to salvage his business at this point.

Perhaps they were taking the high road. Maybe not. But it definitely resounded in the Internet community as PriceRitePhoto got blacklisted in many different arenas. Slashdot and Digg were the main reasons for the empowerment of the Internet community.
Moral of this story? Run a legit and honest business. If not, there will be hell to pay in some form.
Via ThomasHawk’sDigitalConnection