Patriot Act to be renewed for four years with no reform

This is truely scary. What was to be a temporary security measure to secure the American people’s peace of mind has become a “more than temporary” occurrence. The renewal of the Patriot Act now has more leeway than ever since none of the citizen recommendations have been added.
Armed with a National Security Letter, the federal government can now acquire any communication providers data on anyone that may be linked to a terrorist investigation. To top it off, there is no need for a judge or a court to approve the request of this data.

Kevin Bankston, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the current debate over the Patriot Act is important but ultimately limited because even the proposed modifications are modest. “To some extent it feels like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic,” Bankston said. “At the end, it’s still going to be the Patriot Act. It’s going to be a broad enhancement of police power, of law enforcement and investigative powers.”

Most people usually don’t even bat an eyelash when this happens because they’re not “linked to terrorism”. The only problem with this misconception is that it assumes the government extended the Patriot Act to protect you. In the last four years of the Patriot Act I, there have been a lot more privacy invasion issues occurring within law enforcement due to the grouping of this broadened term “linked to terrorism.”
Via InfoWars