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Revisiting the ZDnet.FR hotlink issue

Disclaimer: While the rest of the LUX staff would probably agree with my assessment, this is my personal judgment on the matter and not a reflection on LUX or its staff.
Remember the little hotlinking issue that we saw with ZDnet France? Laurent Dupin has been doing some damage control and posting comments on multiple blogs. Laurent, I’m going to be a frank and point out a couple of boo-boos you made on your PR run. Read below for the posted comment at the original mention of the hotlink. And remember… there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Using Google as a free proxy

You can use Google as a free website proxy. Now this isn’t something that I’d recommend doing all the time since it’s rather tedious, but you definitely can use this methodology for the occasional website.
You can run an English to English translation via Google as such:


It should work for any site, in any language that can be translated. Issue is… you have to type that big long line!
Via OReilly

DIY Paper bookmarks

Sweet. DIY paper bookmarks that actually look decent. Take a looksie. Comes with PDF all ready for cut out, folding and use.
LifeHacker < FabioSirna

Desktop Multiplier

Not something that you usually need, but it sure does have it’s uses. Desktop Multiplier takes one PC and turns it into a 2-person workstation as long as you have an extra USB port and a dual headed video card. Pretty interesting software, and the 2-person version is free!
Try it out here.
Via Userful

Howto test other OSes with VMPlayer

This tutorial is very very easy and has pictures! There was already one that was similar that dealt with VMWare’s VMPlayer, but this should be a bit easier to deal with. Take a look at how to support testing OSes without hosing up a machine for the job!
Via J_K9Linux

LMMS – Linux Multimedia Music Studio

Linux has a bunch of wonderful things, but now there’s LMMS! This was built to take on commercial programs such as FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic. WIth this, you can synthesize and mix samples as well rearrange samples.

LMMS combines the features of a tracker-/sequencer-program (pattern-/channel-/ sample-/song-/effect-management) and those of powerful synthesizers and samplers in a modern, user-friendly and easy to use graphical user-interface.

Pretty useful for those musicians that are looking for something they can work with on a limited budget. Open-source helping artists? You betcha.

More Pac-man running through the midst of a University of Michigan library

Another great movie clip… this time, Pac-man races through a library with Blinky hot on his heels.
Wocka wocka!
Joystiq < AustinCB

How open source saved for another school district

This is one of the reasons I find that Guilford County Schools WASTES money on technology. Take a look at this write-up by Mike Weber. He’s the technology coordinator for the Noxon School District in rural Montana. He has been running with open source for the school district for six years now.
What’s most amusing is that he only dictated a basic server setup along with 185 computers running an office suite. Just by this setup alone, he has calculated the following:

Total Open Source Savings for Setup – $92,675.20
Ten Year Savings – $338,667.00

WAIT one second! Did you say a savings just shy of a hundred Gs? Multiply that by the thousands of computers that are used in Guilford County Schools and you can see how it might make an extreme dent in budgeting for more pay for teachers, or other fun gadgets for the students. For Mike Weber, he said that without open source, they would only be able to afford 50 computers instead of 185. That’s a big difference for the 270 students.
And so should we be looking into this savings instead sitting around paying out the nostrils because some people aren’t capable of thinking up cost savings measures because they can’t support something due to lack of knowledge. Bleh.
Via SpiderTools

Why you shouldn’t hotlink pictures – ZDnet France busted

Disclaimer: Probably somewhat NSFW (not suitable for work). Very mildy in any case. A French reporter for ZDnet France named Laurent Dupin has been busted for hotlinking images from Bryant Choung. Apparently, Bryant had this nice XBOX image that was being used because the ZDNet reporter was either too lazy to actually host the picture on the ZDnet servers or didn’t know how (if so, then he shouldn’t be working for ZDnet).
Amusingly enough, Bryant had the last laugh replacing the XBOX image with Laurent’s face on a … well.. just go to Bryant’s site to see what he did to ZDnet.
BryantChoung < ZDNet.FR

Howto upgrade your iPod mini to 8G

This is pretty useful for those of you that have a 4G or 6G iPod mini. They were discontinued by Apple and replaced with the iPod nano. Unfortunately those flash based drives are annoying since you can’t upgrade them at all. The great thing is that Seagate came out with a 8G Photo harddrive. This means, you just have to take apart your mini, stick that baby in, and format it.
Check out the tutorial here.
Via JasonParry