NC Department of Revenue fishing for money

Most people don’t really care for the IRS. It’s just a plain fact. But when I received a letter in the mail today, I was another unhappy camper. While it’s pretty obvious many government jobs are made unefficient to justify the jobs themselves, this just made no sense to me. Why? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.
I received a letter stating that I needed to submit my 2001 state tax returns or else I would be facing penalty charges. 2001? Wait a second… I didn’t move to NC until end of November of 2001. I remember it clearly because I was given a week to move right before Thanksgiving and all my income at the time was filed with another state.

So why did I get this NC DoR letter? I called the Greensboro office and a nice gentleman explained that it was because I filed my taxes in 2002 with a NC state address. Wait ONE SECOND HERE. So if my W-2 states I’m under another state, why would you even bother to bug me about not filing state taxes. If I actually had done the switch like in 2002, then I would file in both states (which was what happened in 2002).
What does this mean? Basically if you move, you get screwed and the state tries to get you to pay more money, or you can waste your time sending in a letter and your W-2 and tell them to go jump in a lake. Just bothers me that I had to waste my thirty-seven cents on this in 2005. Was this problem caused by the justification for someone’s job instead of actually fixing the problem? Oh yeah. Most definitely.