My apology to the children at Brenner’s Children Hospital

This is an apology to all the children at Brenner’s Children Hospital. I, darkmoon of LUX, have failed you miserably. It’s close to Christmas season already and Brenner has severely dropped the ball to provide you with books and games and movies because someone didn’t bother to push forward with a single e-mail or call. This year, it seems that Brenner is not part of the Child’s Play Network due to them not following up with with CPN at all. And I feel responsible for not pushing harder.

Here is an excerpt of my e-mail to a PR person with Brenner dated November 9:

I am a huge news junkie/local blogger and I ran across a great charity that Brenner participate in if you wish. The name is Child’s Play ( The masterminds behind this charity are the same ones behind Penny Arcade, a very well-known Internet comic strip based out of Seattle, WA.
I would really like to do something for the kids, and this seemed like the “geeky” thing to do. I also want to donate closer to home, and if Brenner was a part of this, then I would feel better knowing where my money is going sending back to my hometown in Seattle.
If you would look into this, I would really appreciate it. The children’s hospital contact for the Child’s Play charity is:
“Contact Robert Khoo ([email protected]) and we’ll create a wishlist and add a link.”
If you could keep me informed also, I would appreciate it.

Response? Nihil. Nada. I followed up with a call later that week with this same person. She said she had forwarded the e-mail on to the Director of Development. I left a message with the Director to callback and didn’t ever get a response. Today (12/8), I checked Child’s Play and found no North Carolina Children’s hospitals although a multitude of others have popped on the site since my November e-mail.
Why is this terrible? All it took was a simple e-mail to Child’s Play to get them on the network. Just needed to follow up. You know the old movies that start out… “It’s for the children….” Well, obviously it’s not over there. I tried and I failed you. You won’t be getting some games, or books, or videos from people that care because apparently those that I actually tried to get in contact don’t seem to care.
And I’m sorry that they don’t. And I’m sorry that I didn’t try harder.
– dm (12/8/2005)

What is Child’s Play?

For the past three years, gamers and geeks around the world have raised nearly a million dollars in toys, games and cash for sick kids in Children’s Hospitals across the globe through a grassroots charity called Child’s Play.
Created by Penny Arcade, no “Administrative Fees” or other nonsense is collected; all gifts and donations go directly to the hospitals for distribution to sick kids.
This year Child’s Play is expanding worldwide to help Children’s Hospitals across the globe. Below is a list of Children’s Hospitals that need your help. Selecting one will direct you to that particular hospitals Amazon wish list. Any items you purchase from that list will be delivered directly to the hospital you select. Also be sure to choose the shipping address to the hospital instead of your own!