How open source saved for another school district

This is one of the reasons I find that Guilford County Schools WASTES money on technology. Take a look at this write-up by Mike Weber. He’s the technology coordinator for the Noxon School District in rural Montana. He has been running with open source for the school district for six years now.
What’s most amusing is that he only dictated a basic server setup along with 185 computers running an office suite. Just by this setup alone, he has calculated the following:

Total Open Source Savings for Setup – $92,675.20
Ten Year Savings – $338,667.00

WAIT one second! Did you say a savings just shy of a hundred Gs? Multiply that by the thousands of computers that are used in Guilford County Schools and you can see how it might make an extreme dent in budgeting for more pay for teachers, or other fun gadgets for the students. For Mike Weber, he said that without open source, they would only be able to afford 50 computers instead of 185. That’s a big difference for the 270 students.
And so should we be looking into this savings instead sitting around paying out the nostrils because some people aren’t capable of thinking up cost savings measures because they can’t support something due to lack of knowledge. Bleh.
Via SpiderTools