Do research paper on Communism, get a visit from feds

This is why Department of Homeland Security wastes our taxpayer money and why academics should fear DHS. A student that was doing a research paper on Communism, asked for a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book. These were carried by the Children’s Army back in the day who were notorious for brutality. Apparently after filling out a form with his social security number, address, and phone number, he got a visit from DHS agents.
Why is this scary? Imagine if you’re a historian with a specialization on the Holocaust and you’re looking for materials on Hitler. Gee. Would you get put on a list? I would imagine so. The whole “protection from yourself” tactic is a total invasion of privacy rights. I suppose the right to educate oneself is also out of the question these days.
UPDATE (12/28): Apparently this was a hoax (BoingBoing).
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