Department of Justice publishes SSN in open? Say it ain’t so!

Looks like the Department of Justice is just as bad in the whole “breaching privacy” issues. Here, there is a severe “oops” as they display a woman’s name and her social security number on the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s site.
Truthfully though, is ANYONE actually thinking that any part of the government complies with security standards and policies all that well? NSA (a bit more careful) and perhaps GAO (who actually cites other agencies’ issues) aside, every other department has had their own breaches due to mismanagement. This pretty much due to the fact that the upper level management manage people that they don’t have a clue what the job itself is about and they don’t listen to ways to save money or to get production numbers up.
How is this similar to the corporate world? There is a certain news organization that just gave all of their directors and upper level management bonuses this year even though they’re delving into selling off parts of their organization. Wha? Yeah. I don’t get it either.
BruceSchneier < InformationWeek