Bellsouth withdraws New Orleans building donation due to MuniFi

Due to the city of New Orleans announcement of a citywide municipal wireless network, BellSouth apparently has withdrawn their donation of one of their damaged buildings downtown. Talk about ridiculous. First it was the the stupid push for prioritizing the Internet for money.
Now this. What the heck is wrong with their upper management? Oh wait. It’s BellSouth.
What’s amusing about this is that they’re against it because of municipal wireless networks competing against businesses. In that aspect, I agree with it. But New Orleans is looking to contract out this wireless network anyways which means that they would have to settle on bidders. BellSouth would definitely have a relationship builder with the building donation already to receive the service contract. Oh well. I guess some people don’t ever think too far into the future about what sort of money they could be bringing in.

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