Ask LUX! – Session 10


Mr. Lux.Et.Umbra
What does that mean anyway? Hey, I’m told you know all things computerish, and then some. Can you check out my post about MSN Spaces Power Toys (particularly about the Media Player Plug In) and tell me if you know where I can find out more about its functionality. Thanks. Joel.

Well Mr. Joel. The LUX staff is pleased to help you out. First, “lux et umbra” is Latin for “light and shadow”. As for the MSN Spaces issue… There are a couple good resources for MSN Spaces, but we ran across this good tutorial that allows you to run TweakUI PowerToys from the blog itself by following a few simple steps.
For your question about the Media Player, just follow these steps. And to add a playlist or multiple songs, then follow this to the letter.

And don’t worry, we won’t welch on the fact that you’re secretly going to actually put Weird Al Yankovich’s “EAT IT” on your site when you get this working. Good luck!
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