Windows Vista Betas slip further out

Microsoft keeps on pushing out the dates. And we keep on cheering in the Linux stands. Winbeta had probably the best review of Vista:

As betas go, Beta 1 is usually 67-75% feature complete. Beta 2 is usually 90% complete and from then on until the date a software release is called complete, final, RTM, gold, or one many other such adjectives, it is only usually polishing and bug fixing between those two milestones. Not so with Windows Vista…
Beta 1 was released almost 5 years into its development cycle (by which time most other releases have already hit store shelves) and was called, almost miserably, only 33% feature complete.

No kidding. I remember when I grabbed the alpha version about two years ago. It was okay, but that was back when there was the promise of WinFS sitting in the future. Now, there is nothing. Just a prettier WinXP with an addon command shell that you can get for WinXP. Nothing there to make anyone justify the five year development cycle. I hope Microsoft isn’t going to make or break on Vista. Since at this rate, it’s going for broke.
Via Winbeta