Why is Sony reinventing the DRM wheel in the States?

It’s amazing that Sony BMG is trying to DRM their CDs here in the States and going through such drastic measures as installing rootkits on your Windows system. This is also one of the reasons why I really don’t touch my development Windows box and pretty much moved everything to a linux base.
As I was commenting on TDavid’s post on the Sony’s rootkits, I suddenly made the realization that Sony already tried and failed in Japan with DRM. Last year, I bought an imported JROCK CD from YesAsia. I figured out an easy process to import my CD into iTunes, even though it was protected by Labelgate, a CD DRM in Japan that was pulled due to consumers hating it.
So here’s my question: If Labelgate failed in Japan, then what makes Sony BMG think that anything else will work here in the States where there are a lot more groups against DRM? That makes no sense on a business level to me, but then again, I never did have millions of dollars to just spend at my whim to piss off consumers either.
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