The Winning Solution

Scoble is betting his career on this, but it goes deeper than if Microsoft can beat out Google. The two problems that he brings up are the key to a winning solution in the brutal cutthroat world of major corporations:

1) We look at the world only through a businessperson’s eyes.

2) We have no clue about the power of influentials.

Scoble also goes into details about a conversation between himself and Larry Page of Google and how copying ideas really doesn’t get you anywhere. Exactly. Once it’s out, move on unless you have no fears about being numero dos. Copying a leader is great, if you can fulfill the weak spots that you’re missing. If you are not directly placing yourself in the weak areas, you can’t compete with an established solution.
In the end, you have to satisfy the geeks of the world (influentials) to get anywhere in the software business. If they give you the green light, then you’re off and running with venture capital and all sorts of other benefits. This is evident even in hardware, in which my employer is known for. I wish I could be a technical evangelist for them to point them in the right direction. Our competitors have released idea after idea that I have submitted internally but went nowhere since they don’t have the vision. It’s tough sitting in the passenger seat and no one will let you drive, but until you succeed in seeing the problems your corporation faces, you just keep struggling to be a better number 2.
VIa Scoble