Struggling Gameworks chain acquired by SEGA

SEGA’s US Entertainment division has acquired the arcade chain, Gameworks. I remember back in the day when Gameworks first opened in Seattle. It was one of the coolest places to be for videogames and such. Now, SEGA is looking to tie in upscale bars, and overpriced food alongside the arcade machines in an effort to duplicate the Japanese arcade madness.
My personal feelings on why it won’t work.. but here it goes. Japanese are a lot more in tune with buying gadgets, working hard, and playing hard. Americans don’t have the same work nor play ethics. It’s ridiculous to think that you can imitate Asian culture and profit as they have. Similarly, the American cellular market just doesn’t compare to those that have cellphone turnover every six months.
All that, added on to better and better console games makes one wonder if there is a need to have arcades as club areas. The only reason I would ever even bother to go to Gameworks is if they had Mechwarrior pods like the ones at Wizards of the Coast. Or anything that I couldn’t just play at home.
Good luck, SEGA. You’re going to need it.
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