Spam Karma: WordPress spammer killer

Spam Karma is a great little plugin to stop those bastard blog commenters in their tracks. Assuming you use WordPress. Assuming you like WordPress. Well, I’m not all that hot and heavy about WordPress, but if I had to use the best open-source blog software, that would be it. But after what they did with the metatags and the Google banning, they deserve the blackmark in my book.
But STILL… regardless of my opinions, don’t let that stop you from using one of the best opensource blog software out there. Just remember to protect yourself from those awful spammers.
Fair warning: Spam Karma is not GPL nor is it open source. It’s “free” software as long as used for non-commercial use:

Spam Karma 2 is not GPL. It is copyright and all rights reserved. However, it is absolutely free for download, use and non-commercial redistribution. Anything else is subject to prior written permission by myself. If you contact me, chances are I’ll say yes to any reasonable request.

Cuz what goes around, comes around.