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Repartition your Windows drive with a Linux Live CD

One of the greatest software pieces that came out on Windows was Partition Magic. Unfortunately, that costs bucks. Dinero. Where be my gold dub-loons, matey! ARR!
Well, you can partition pretty much any Windows partition with a linux live cd. And here’s how.
LifeHacker < Help2Go

SSH authentication with keys

If you have a ssh server but you were wondering what these “keys” were and why the server kept saying that you weren’t authenticating with them, here’s the answer.

  • only support connections through the 2nd version of the SSH protocol (SSH-2)
  • use 2048-bit DSA keys for user authentication, without permitting authentication with passwords
  • allow only a specific group of users to authenticate

This tutorial will basically make it so that you don’t ever have to sign in via passwords and any hacker will need to break a 2048-bit DSA key to get into the account. A lot safer than a lot of password authentication.
And if you have no clue what I’m talking about… that’s okay. One day.. you too will see the light. Or not.
Via Shacknet

Sprint begins to charge for ESN swaps

What does this mean? If you change your phone out, you pay $18 to Sprint. PERIOD. It’s a ridiculous way to find another fee for consumers to pay and probably thought up by some executive that doesn’t know what little things can do to service.
Best way to send a message to wireless carriers that this a bad idea? Switch services. Sprint definitely will get the message if you cancel, and don’t be fooled by “activation fee waivers”. They don’t waive everything.
Via PCSIntel

Beer has anti-cancer compound

This isn’t saying that drinking more beer will increase chances of defeating cancer since most beers have low levels of xanthohumol, but if there was a way to increase the absorption into the body and the levels within beer, it could provide a great positive to one of the favorite drinking pasttimes.

Quite a bit is now known about the biological mechanism of action of this compound and the ways it may help prevent cancer or have other metabolic value. But even before most of those studies have been completed, efforts are under way to isolate and market it as a food supplement. A “health beer” with enhanced levels of the compound is already being developed.

Via BiologyNews

A piece of Google history

Interesting little find. Google’s Larry Page had a presentation for his thesis called “A Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine“. This describes the beginnings of the Google thought and how the PageRank algorithm began. Hard to believe that from 1998, this presentation has been the start of one of the largest technology corporations in the world today.
Via StanfordDBPubs

How to create Google Maps service

This has been a dream of many to create something that works with Google Maps. But no one seemed to have anything to learn from.
Well, it appears that the city of Charlottetown in our northern neighbors had some source code to follow.
You’ll need a Google Developer’s API key and a few other tidbits. But go forth and overlay!
Hackaday < Ruk.ca

Myth: Eating turkey makes you sleepy

Eating turkey doesn’t really make you sleepy. On the contrary, soybeans and beef contain higher concentrations of tryptophan. Apparently the tryptophan levels in a turkey causes blood levels of amino acids to rise, but not enough to create the sedative effect.
From MythBusters:

However, what does tend to make people exceptionally drowsy is eating a big, heavy meal — Thanksgiving dinner, for example. Blood is diverted to the digestive system to help tackle all the fats and carbohydrates you’ve consumed, which decreases blood flow to your brain and makes you feel lethargic. Drinking alcohol — while watching football or during the meal — only makes matters worse. So even if you didn’t eat any turkey, you’d still feel like taking a nap afterward.

Physorg and Mythbusters

Twins drown while father gamed

An Ohio man has plead guilty to the drownings of his two twin ten month olds. Apparently while they bathed unsupervised, he was another room of the house gaming.
Just you wait. Jack Thompson will try to pin this one on the Sims or some other game. This is another act of irresponsible parenting. Bleh.
Via Joystiq

Ask LUX! – Session 9

Been playing with Linked-In. Good professionals social network. It’s also Black Friday, so a bunch of morons people got up at like 4AM to make it to the 5AM sales and beat other people over the heads for one of the ten “place item name here”. Why? Well, whatever… No questions again this week. Schweet.


No I don’t want your stupid $379 Walmart laptop. Unless I can pick it up at 4 in the afternoon.

Write to LUX at: lux.et.umbra _at_ firelace.com and don’t fear to be a Luxie!

Make your files immutable in linux

If you are running the ext2 or ext3 filesystem, you can protect files that even root can’t delete with the chattr command. If you add the +i flag to the file, you will make it immutable, which basically makes it so that no one can delete the file.
See how to do it here.
Via AllaboutLinux