More ramblings on GCS management

I’m sorry, but what? This is one guy that already makes more than most people do, definitely more than I do. What bothers me is that after speaking to Hardy a while back about schools, apparently teachers are forced to make their kids bring certain supplies in for the school year.
A vast difference from when I went to K-12. And an approximate $7000 bonus that is added directly to his base salary if he completes certain tasks (based on teacher raise percentages)? Come on. This guy already makes $210,000.

And what gets me is that we as county taxpayers are supposed to sit around and have the kids bring in supplies when his $7000 annual bonus (if he completes his goals) could actually pay for some of those tissue boxes. Did I have to bring tissue boxes or boxes of pens for the class when I went to school? Hell no. You want miffed. Oh yes, I’m miffed. And I’m not even a parent, or a former student of GCS. Mainly because these kids’ families pay for these supplies while GCS higher-ups raise their salaries.
Pastor Joel weighs in with brilliant analysis on AP enrollment The nice thing about growing up in the school system that I was in was that AP and honors classes were one and the same. You just chose to take the AP exam at the end of the year and if you’re not up for it, then no one was the wiser.
Grier wants measurable goals. In a previous life, he probably worked for the federal government since management of GCS seems awfully familiar to the inefficient management of the government. What’s even more funny about all of this. SAT scores are a joke. With artificial inflations back in 1995, ETS really made a mess of things to bolster the PR of American students. Perhaps you should try grade inflation? Oh wait… that’s been proven that it doesn’t work.
The school district has many wonderful teachers, and schools that should be supported in the full. The educators do their best to give the best education to our children. But the sorry excuse of tying SAT scores to the superintendent’s bonuses should be canned. The fact is, the school system’s ups and downs should be tied to his salary. If on a national scale, the school system ranks go down, then his salary goes down. If it goes up, then his salary goes up.
In the end, I think Joel has it the best. After all, his kids graduated from public schools and went on to do great things just as he has. Maybe Terry Grier needs to learn a little something from the pastor.

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