How to boost your blog traffic

Some advice from Paul Stamatiou on how to increase your blog traffic. There are seven things that he covers.
Blog Usability, Content, Technorati is Your Best Friend, Blog Rings/Networks, Burn that Feed!, So Now You’re a Serious Blogger, and Getting To Know Your Readers.
He provides this bit of wisdom to newbie bloggers:

Many first time bloggers automatically assume that once their blog is setup and they put a few posts on it, they will get some hits and regular readers. This is quite untrue. You won’t get any traffic if no one knows about your website. In this article I hope to tackle these problems and discuss some of the common ways bloggers and webmasters drive more traffic to their site by understanding the user. I have received many emails from aspiring bloggers asking me what they can do to get more traffic, so hopefully this will help out at least those people.

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